Hey, I'm Paxton, I draw random stuff.

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this is so awesome, thank you

I’m glad you like it~! Feel the love, yo!

Looks great! I think the key is to exaggerate “tension” in the movement, like stretch out one of her legs, bring up her arms up and back behind her to give it a look like she’s throwing her weight into it. idk. That kind of stuff. Looks good as is~

its already lined lol I’m not gonna reline it. 
I like the pose as is tbh. I just wanted her to just look like she’s hovering, since its gonna probably be put on a button or something.
I must try a more dynamic pose with her later that isn’t chibi, but for now, meh

awu that’s too bad. uwu you should do more actiony drawings!

been trying

did something kinda… actiony?? with Chell??